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What does an effective website need to have?

A website should do well what it proposes, publicize the services or products of the company. Much more than an “electronic folder,” it must be a 24-hour relationship channel with customers. Each business segment has characteristics that define the type of content that the customer searches on the website.

What should be highlighted on a website?
There are five key points that should be present on the company’s website:

1) Put the most relevant information on the home page.
2) Who is your company?
3) What does your company do?
4) Where to find your company?
5) Use testimonials from clients and partners.

What are the tools used to create a website?
We use software such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator to generate images and vectors; Adobe Dreamweaver to work with CSS. Some sites require animations for this, Adobe Flash was one of the main tools, which has been changing after the emergence of HTML5.

Know languages ​​like HTML, HTML5, XML, XHTML, as well as some forms of script like JavaScript, PHP and ASP. It is not necessary to know the essences of these languages, but it is good to have them well worked out in cases where the project involves making structural changes in templates and other uses. PHP and ASP are also important for working with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Tips that help you create a good website:

1. Less is more – this does not mean having a poorly done website. be simple in reducing everything to the maximum, so that the site is easy to use and maintain the interest of visitors;

2. A picture is worth a thousand words – Whenever possible, use pictures, because no one wants to waste time reading endless texts.

3. Relevant information – Pages with lots of information and lots of images tend to overwhelm and confuse the reader. Put only the essentials to attract attention and keep a good layout on the pages.

4. Under construction? – Never put links on your site that lead the visitor to pages that have not yet been made and are under construction. Nothing worse than frustrating the visitor.

5. Updating … ALWAYS – Periodically update the site so that people visit it again.

6. Contact and Newsletter – Put a contact form with the option to receive news from the site. Nothing better than keeping in touch with those who have an interest in your site.

7. Agility – Statistics show that if a site does not show any information to entertain the visitor within 15 to 30 seconds, the visitor cancels the upload and goes to another site. Think about it and get your website uploaded as soon as possible. Optimizing the source code and hiring a great hosting server helps a lot in loading time.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – consists of optimizing the website to be better understood and viewed by the search engines. It is worth investing.

What are the main mistakes of a website?
Compatibility: Today there are several browsers Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile phones. The site must be compatible with all or at least most of them.

Pop-ups: Perhaps the main reason why the visitor immediately closes the site. Besides being boring and often having the “close” button inaccessible, they pass the image that the company is more interested in selling than in serving the visitor.

Music: Annoying and disturbing. If the visitor accesses the website of your company, it is for business and not leisure. If he wants to listen to music he goes to a bar or concert, not to the page of his company.

Search: The visitor has very little time to lose on a website. So if the information is not readily accessible, it is best to place a search box in a well-visible and easily accessible place.

Contacts: Sometimes it does not exist or are “hidden”. This information is FUNDAMENTAL, it should always exist and be clearly visible. How do you want the visitor to find you or contact you?

Formatting: A black background with white letters or yellow with blue letters even causes strabismus. The font, the justification and the alignment of the information are also very important, so that everything is very clear and easy for the visitor to understand.

Social networks: Most importantly the Twitter / Facebook buttons should lead to the company page so the visitor will short and follow the company and not only put the option to share the site.

Every business in Calgary must have a website. If you want a brand new, beautifull, functional and modern website, check our Website Development service.

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