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Marketing automation: a basic guide for digital marketing agency in Calgary


In life, time is one of our most valuable resources–in fact, one could argue it’s the most important. How we manage time will greatly influence our destiny. With respect to Digital Marketing, time has a similar level of importance. Imagine a whole bunch of features that improve all operational tasks–making everything faster and more accurate.

It’s called Marketing Automation, a definition we adopted from Neil Patel which can be defined as follows: “Marketing automation is the process of using software and technology to optimize, automate and measure repetitive online marketing tasks.”


There are three main areas of Digital Marketing that can be automated to an extent.

Email: A delivery, distribution and response by email system can be automated, as well as your email list can be targeted automatically depending on who has chosen to access it.

Social Media: just like email, with social media, content distribution can be automated. In addition, social media can also be automated for growth if it involves followers and leads.

Destination pages: Nowadays, it’s no longer necessary to dedicate as many hours to the design of a landing page. You can use templates and just insert your own copy as works of programming. More than that, you can also automate the text inserted in your LP, counting on an A/B test help.


There are multiple benefits that can be reaped by adopting marketing automation:

  • Increased productivity rates
  • Increased lead generation and nutrition
  • Ease of work with different problems
  • Better results and more sales


Every company–no matter what industry it operates in–needs to attract new clients, and marketing has a pivotal role in that mission. An automation solution should always be a focal solution in your communications plans.


Want to know if there is an ideal time to invest in automation? Well, if your company doesn’t have a great website, I suggest taking care of that first. However, if you have already worked with customer email records, have a good lead capture system and are determined to expand your business, this is the best time.


Define characters and metrics for your automation project

  • Choose a good marketing automation tool
  • Set the type of interaction to drive in each of the stages of the funnel
  • Understand the content should supply the automation system in each phase
  • Implement the system
  • Review results and plan accordingly for the next projectRemember: If you need more help with this or other services, we will always be ready to help. Stay connected here on Madison Agency blog, where you find relevant content regarding Marketing and other areas.Success! Today and always.

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